• Yamamoto Akita Royal Flush (720ml)
  • Yamamoto Akita Royal Flush (720ml)

Yamamoto Akita Royal Flush (720ml) 山本 秋田ロイヤルストレートフラッシュ

Posessing a very subtle nose of pear and papaya, however slightly restrained on the palate for Yamamoto. There is a silky texture to the mouth coating umami. Ultimately very characteristic of Yamamoto sake is its juicy and balanced nature.

rich and complex
Year Round
on the palate
umami with rice cake and almond
on the nose
mild melon and rice bran
RPR (Rice Polishing Ratio)
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Owner and Toji Yamamoto-san, hatched an audacious brewing experiment in the hope that it would fully encapsulate the sake terroir of Akita. The Royal Straight Flush, the five most powerful cards in a deck, all in one hand. These cards represent two most unique aspects of this extraordinary brew, the use of 5 different types of Akita grown sake rice and 5 separate varieties of sake yeast strains all in one fermentation tank.

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akitasakekomachi, ginnosei, misatonishiki, kairyoshinkou and miyamanishiki
SMV (Sake Meter Value)
Water Source
spring water from shirakami mountains
ak-1, no.6, akita no.12, komachi r-5 and akita junmai kobo

How to enjoy楽しみ方

Recommended pairings
beef tartar | foie gras | roast beef
Serving temperature
Serving vessels
white wine glass

Yamamoto Brewery 山本酒造店

Among the aspects which make Yamamoto sake extraordinary are the intrepid and unusual products such as the Yamamoto Wine, a sake made with a combination of sake and chardonnay yeasts and matured in oak barrels and the Yamamoto Royal Flush, a sake made with five separate sake rice varieties and five separate yeasts, culminating in brews which are out of the box and captivating. Above all, Yamamoto sake is wonderfully easy drinking and vibrantly fresh tasting.