• Isojiman Tokubetsu Junmai Omachi 53% (720ml)
  • Isojiman Tokubetsu Junmai Omachi 53% (720ml)

Isojiman Tokubetsu Junmai Omachi 53% (720ml) 磯自慢  特別純米 雄町53%

This is one of Isojiman’s most popular sakes & the Omachi 53 has a spirited aroma and a fruity palate. It matches well with a wide variety of dishes. Akaiwa, a city in Okayama is widely recognized as having the perfect soil and climatic conditions for the cultivation of Omachi.
Floral and Fruity
on the palate
Fruity apple and rich umami
on the nose
fresh peach & white lilies
RPR (Rice Polishing Ratio)
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Intoxicatingly fragrant with the essence of luscious pear, and a silky smoothness that indulges the senses, finishing with an impeccably clean flourish.

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Akaiwa Omachi
SMV (Sake Meter Value)
+3 ~ +5
Water Source
Spring water with low mineral content, that flows from brewery-owned Mountain
Isojiman New 5-1

How to enjoy楽しみ方

Recommended pairings:
Sashimi | Sushi | Tempura
Serving temperature:
Serving vessels:
Nousaku Sake Cup


Since 2010 Isojiman has been attempting to apply Japan’s very own AOC, special regional classification, by designating certain sake to be brewed exclusively with rice from specified rice fields in Furuke, Tsuneda and Saito in Tojo city. Junmai Daiginjo created with rice harvested from each of these specific fields are indicated by blue bottles and are to represent the terroir of the location in which the rice is grown. Isojiman sake is characterized by its fruity “Ginjo-ka” fragrance and impeccable ability to complement cuisines such as Japanese, French and Italian Cuisines. Due to its seaside brewing location in Yaizu, it is also, of course, a great sake for pairing with seafood.