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epicurean nomads エピキューリアン ノーマッズ

We are a team of professionally trained & certified Sommeliers curating a selection of exquisite Japanese alcoholic beverages.

Having traveled extensively throughout Japan & personally visited over 100 sake & craft beer breweries, wineries & distilleries, we have forged deep relationships that grant us privileged access to some of the most sought-after & often cult brands.

Many remain small, family owned businesses renowned for their exceptional craft and quality. To ensure freshness, we bring in very limited quantities across the 4 seasons & transport these beverages chilled from Japan to Singapore and straight to you.

Journey with us
  • Huchu Homare Shuzo 府中誉株式会社

    Uncover the legacy of Huchu Homare Brewery, rooted in rural Ibaraki since 1854. Led by Mr. Takaaki Yamauchi, this 7th-generation brewery is renowned for reviving the Wataribune rice variety. With an annual production of 500 Koku, they prioritize quality from field to glass. Explore the elegance of Wataribune and Taiheikai.
    Explore Huchu Homare
  • Brewery Highlight for the Week

    Sugihara Shuzo 杉原酒造 (射美)

    Meet Sugihara Shuzo, the little brewery with big dreams in Japan! Founded in 1892, Sugihara Shuzo is not only famed for their signature IBI sake but also for being Japan’s smallest brewery that produces 80 Koku annually. Embracing the spirit of Gifu prefecture, Yoshiki san's fingerprints are on every step of the sake making process, from rice fields to the final pour. He is the mastermind behind the original sake-rice variety, Ibi-no-Homare.
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  • brewery highlight of the week

    Minoh Brewery エイ.ジェイ.アイ.ビア株式会社 箕面ブリュワリー

    Minoh Beer, an iconic craft brewery rooted in the scenic city of Minoh, Osaka. Founded by the visionary Masaji Oshita in 1996, this brewery defied odds to create a cultural beer reflecting the essence of Kansai. From weathering industry downturns to achieving international acclaim with nine consecutive gold medals, Minoh Beer's legacy lives on. Today, led by Masaji's daughter Kaori, the brewery continues crafting beloved beers, inviting enthusiasts to savor the unique flavors born from a rich legacy of passion and perseverance.
    Explore Minoh's Legacy
  • Brewery Highlight for the Week

    Inoue Seikichi Shouten 井上清吉商店

    Embark on an enchanting voyage, offering you a privileged peek behind the scenes, providing intimate access to the profound craftsmanship, enduring ambitions, and the cherished heritage of Inoue Seikichi Shouten—a legacy steeped in tradition and dedication, dating back to 1868.
    Uncover the Timeless Essence
  • Brewery Highlight for the Week

    Ise Kadoya brewery 有限会社二軒茶屋餅角屋本店

    Discover the captivating journey of Ise Kadoya, a cherished legacy in the enchanting coastal region of Ise, Mie Prefecture, spanning back to 1575. Born as connoisseurs of Japanese sweets, nourishing pilgrims on their sacred quests, the story takes an intriguing twist in 1997. Meet Narihiro Suzuki, the 21st-generation visionary, who dared to dive into the world of craft beer.
    explore the Brewventure
  • Brewery Highlight for the Week

    Gochoda Brewery 五町田酒造 (東一)

    Gochoda Brewery, established in 1922, is located in Ureshino City, Saga Prefecture. The brand name, Azumaichi represents it’s aspirations to be #1 in the Orient. Azumaichi is a local sweetheart of the Saga area for its connection and dedication to the community and the land.
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compendium of stories & intimate insights into the ethos, heart & soul of our Brewers.

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