Huchu Homare Shuzo


Annual Production
500 Koku (90,000L)

Huchu Homare Brewery, based in Ishioka City in rural Ibaraki prefecture, was established in 1854.  Now in its 7th generation, the brewery is run by Kuramoto and Toji, Mr. Takaaki Yamauchi who took over as brewery head of the operation in 2000.

Huchu Homare is renowned for its efforts to bring back and recultivate a once popular but since extinct rice variety, the Wataribune.   He began this task with just 14 grams of freeze dried preserved Wataribune grains kept by the Agricultural Research Center and endeavored to seed and plant them.  In 1990 he started making sake dedicated to the rice varietal which he had revived.  This brand was named Wataribune, made exclusively with the ancient varietal, and won its first Gold medal at the National New Sake Awards in 1996.