Minoh Brewery

エイ.ジェイ.アイ.ビア株式会社 箕面ブリュワリー


Minoh Beer stands out as a prominent craft beer brewery nestled in the picturesque Kansai region, renowned for its commitment to crafting "everyday beer" rather than merely special brews. The appeal of Minoh's drinkable beer extends far beyond its Osaka roots, garnering acclaim not only across Japan but also on the global stage.

Originating from the city of Minoh in Osaka Prefecture, the brewery draws inspiration from the captivating surroundings where time seems to flow at its own pace. The city boasts a national park celebrated for its waterfalls, vibrant autumn foliage, and the playful presence of Osaru (Japanese monkeys), adding a unique touch to Minoh Beer's identity.