Inoue Seikichi Shouten



The brewery sits in the town of Utsunomiya on the Oshukaido, the historic road which connected Tokyo with Hokkaido in the Edo period.

At Inoue Seikichi brewery, each member of the youthful, highly qualified 5 person brewing team, is in charge of different aspects of the production.  

Mr. Hiroshi Inoue, the 5th generation Kuramoto of his family with a history that dates back to 1868, currently leads the propagation of Koji.  Mr. Inoue, once Toji himself, having become head brewer at a young age when the health of the previous master brewer took a turn for the worst, recently passed the baton onto the younger generation.  

Currently, 43-year-old Mr. Tamotsu Sato steers the ship as head brewer, however, at this brewery, each member has an important process to lead and his is the yeast starter development as well as analysis. 


井上清吉商店では、若くて優秀な5人の醸造チームが製造における様々な側面を担当しています。 現在麹の増殖を担当しているのは、1868年から続く蔵元の五代目、井上裕史氏。 先代の杜氏が体調を崩したときに若くして指揮を引き継いだ井上氏は最近、若い世代に舵をバトンタッチしました。現在の杜氏である佐藤全氏は、酵母のスターター開発と分析を担当。発酵の「もろみ」を担当するのは麻生真人氏、瓶詰めと出荷は福田うらら氏と田中道子氏らが担当しています。