• Genmai-cha
  • Genmai-cha

Genmai-cha 玄米茶

A blend of lightly roasted green tea from Uji, Kyoto and carefully roasted brown rice. Genmaicha made from 100% carefully selected organic ingredients. The rich aroma of roasted brown rice & the refreshing taste of roasted green tea are exquisite. 

refreshing with a toasty finish
best before
150 days before opening | 48 hours after opening
on the palate
sencha flavours with umami notes
on the nose
intense mix of nutty | toasty | buttery
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The taste of Genmaicha holds true to its name, which means 'brown rice tea' in Japanese. Its unique blend of buttery and nutty flavours reminiscent of popcorns, has also earnt it another nickname - Popcorn Tea

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