• Denso Sake Saver (White)
  • Denso Sake Saver (White)

Denso Sake Saver (White)

Sake Saver, an electric-powered device that automatically removes air from an opened sake (Japanese alcoholic beverage) bottle to create a vacuum and prevent oxidation. Sake Saver enables to prevent oxidation and keep fresh flavor for about two weeks after opening the bottle.

An accompanying high-density stopper is inserted into a 720ml sake bottle, and it is covered by the main body of the Sake Saver. When the main body is placed on the stopper, its embedded pump is automatically activated and begins to remove air. When the air is being removed, the blinking speed of an LED lamp on the upper surface of the main body indicates the degree of progress.

When a vacuum is created, the lamp lights for three seconds, and, after that, the product automatically stops its operation. Then, the main body is removed, and the bottle is stored with the stopper. It takes about 30 seconds to create a vacuum inside a 720ml bottle containing about 360ml of sake.

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