• Antelope Deepseek (500ml)
  • Antelope Deepseek (500ml)

Antelope Deepseek (500ml)

A sweet mead aged for half a year in bourbon barrels.
During the maturation process of bourbon, the interior of the barrel undergoes thorough baking, leading to chemical transformations in the wood composition that result in the development of numerous vanilla-like aromas. This is what imparts bourbon with its distinctive sweet, vanilla-like scent, and contributes to the sweet aroma often found in other spirits aged in bourbon barrels.

Similarly, DEEPSEEK Barrel Aged Mead emanates a pronounced, sweet fragrance, and its indulgent texture provides a sensation like enjoying a honey treat.

Antelope challenged themselves to see how complex a flavour they could express using just honey without using any secondary ingredients. Over time, the peaks will fall off, creating a golden liquid with a high alcohol content of 14%, moist sweetness, and a slight acidity.

With a sherry-like finish, a rich buttery aroma, and a high-quality sweetness derived from honey, this mead is sure to bring a smile to you.

Bourbon Barrel-Aged Mead (Still)
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passage of time, intersecting with nature, unfolding with amazing complexity

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Pure Honey

your indulgence

Recommended pairings
dark chocolates
Sweetness level 1 - 10
10 - very sweet