• TOYO BIJIN, Junmai Ginjo, Jundoichizu, Aiyama (720ml)
  • TOYO BIJIN, Junmai Ginjo, Jundoichizu, Aiyama (720ml)

TOYO BIJIN, Junmai Ginjo, Jundoichizu, Aiyama (720ml) 東洋美人 純米吟醸 醇道一途 愛山

A wonderful representation of the pleasantly sweet Aiyama rice varietal, a gorgeous lychee-like ginjo aroma, and a enveloping sweetness like the honey core of a well-ripened fuji apple, yet still possessing a rich umami and refreshing acidity, this is a wow-ing brew. In step with all releases of the Jyundoichizu Series, non-charoal or carbon filtered and pasteurized once for optimal freshness.

floral and fruity
year round
on the palate
fruity apple and rich umami
on the nose
lychee and apple
RPR (Rice Polishing Ratio)
Default Title
  • Default Title

Jundoichizu, words given to President Sumikawa by his mentor, Koichi Yoneda Toji, when he was an apprentice. He still treasures these word to "Live your life with a single-minded focus on sake brewing, now and in the future."

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SMV (Sake Meter Value)
Water Source
water from underground aquifer via brewery-owned well

How to enjoy楽しみ方

Recommended pairings
buta kakuni | seared bonito
Serving temperature
Serving vessels
white wine glass

Sumikawa Brewery澄川酒造

Mr. Takafumi Sumikawa, the 4th generation Kuramoto, was someone who was sure of his path to brewing. He studied at the Brewing department of Tokyo Agricultural University and trained at the Takagi brewery even while he was still a student under the tutelage of Mr. Takagi Akinori, the makers of the ever popular Jyuyondai brand. He joined his family’s brewery thereafter, and became both Kuramoto and Toji. Mr. Sumikawa is considered a top brew master of his generation. Aiming for a gorgeous sake which is clear and umami rich, Toyo Bijin Sake is refined and elegant, with just the right balance of floral and fruity notes. The name Toyo Bijin, which means Eastern Beauty, fits the pristine style of the brew and its aesthetic perfectly, so much so that the Junmai Daiginjo Ichiban Matoi was even chosen to be served at the Japan Russia Summit in 2016.