• Miyakanbai Lemon Sour no Moto (720ml)
  • Miyakanbai Lemon Sour no Moto (720ml)
  • Miyakanbai Lemon Sour no Moto (720ml)
  • Miyakanbai Lemon Sour no Moto (720ml)

Miyakanbai Lemon Sour no Moto (720ml) 宮寒梅 陽のしずく レモンサワーの素

For an uber-refreshing summer cocktail, this new liquer from Miyakanbai sake brewery is made with Sicilian Lemons which are known for their low acidity, plentiful juice, aroma and oily skin. Unlike many fruit liquers the Lemon Sour no Moto is made with no added sugar and can be mixed with soda for a mouth puckering refresher, with some added syrup for those with more of a sweet tooth or in many other creative cocktails as a wonderful citrussy mixer.


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Kanbai Shuzo 寒梅酒造

Kanbai Shuzo, the producers of Miyakanbai sake, are the only cultivation brewers in Miyagi prefecture. Cultivation brewers are those extra dedicated individuals who manage all processes of the creation of their sake starting with rice cultivation. Both rice farming and brewing are carried out in the endless countryside landscape of the Osaki Plain.Kanbai Shuzo cultivates four types of sake rice on their land, the Aikoku, Hiyori, Miyamanishiki and Yamadanishiki. 20% of their total sake production is made with their home cultivated sake rice and the remaining 80% is made exclusively with Miyagi grown rice from local farmers.