• Grace Wine Koshu Toriibira Private Reserve 2022 (750ml)
  • Grace Wine Koshu Toriibira Private Reserve 2022 (750ml)

Grace Wine Koshu Toriibira Private Reserve 2022 (750ml) グレイス 甲州 鳥居平畑 プライベートリザーブ 2022

Katsunuma is Japan’s top Koshu producing region situated at the eastern end of the Kofu Basin. The Katsunuma area is an alluvial fan with widely distributed well-drained soil, and has been suitable for viticulture since ancient times. The characteristic intricate terrain and complex soils give rise to vines that show the distinguishing sense of place.

The Toriibira district of Katsunuma, which our current owner, Shigekazu Misawa highly regards, is located on the southwest-facing slope at an altitude of 450 meters, and has been regarded as famous vineyard areas of Katsunuma since ancient times because grapes ripen well there. Koshu grown on the hillside is naturally limited in yield compared to grapes grown on flatland. The grapes from Toriibira are even more condensed with smaller bunches. These concentrated grapes were the reason why Toriibira has been in the limelight since our predecessor’s era.

The soil mixed with gravel is well-drained, resulting in wines with intense fruit and backbone, all due to the patience in waiting for the grapes to mature succeeded by hand harvest, and the careful work of putting on each and every bunch an umbrella for protection against rain.

The “Toriibira Vineyard Private Reserve” Koshu uses not only grapes from the Toriibira area but the carefully selected top lot, followed by fermentation in neutral French oak barrels and maturation in stainless steel tanks. The wine has soft, elegant acidity and complexity, with a long finish.

甲府盆地の東端に位置する勝沼は、日本一の甲州葡萄の産地です。グレイスワイン4代目の三澤茂計氏が重んじた勝沼町鳥居平地区は、標高450 メートルの南⻄向き斜面に位置し、ブドウがよく熟すことから、古くより勝沼の銘醸地とされてきました。丘陵地帯の甲州は、平地で育ったものと比べ、自然と収量が制限されますが、鳥居平畑のブドウは、さらに凝縮された小さな房となり、先代の時代からこの地域のブドウの凝縮度に着目してきました。この地で収穫した葡萄を更に厳選し、最上区画のロットをフレンチオークの旧樽にて発酵後、ステンレスタンクにて貯蔵しています。


grape varietal
on the palate
soft and complex
on the nose
yellow peach and cloves
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Expressing elegance and power, a rich aromatic profile of fruit; yellow apple, yellow peach, and pear fruit, as well as spice and toasty white pepper. The attack is round and dry, with a mellow acidity. On the palate, the fruitiness is as luscious as the aroma followed by an immensely enjoyable long finish.

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Production area
toriibira, yamanashi prefecture
limited year-round

How to Enjoy楽しみ方

Recommended pairings
8 - 12 °c
Serving temperature
zalto universal glass
Serving vessels
grilled nodoguro | kinmedai | octopus carpaccio