Emishiki Shuzo



Established in 1892 in Koga City, Shiga Prefecture, the Emishiki Sake brand represents a dedication to Nature through the sustainable cultivation of rice and an implementation of only natural and mostly traditional brewing techniques.  

The name Emishiki roughly translates as the “Laughter of the Four Seasons”.  The brewery’s natural theme remains consistent in its commitment to the local environment by brewing with soft water flow collected from the Suzuka mountains.

The brewery has also been instrumental in reviving and growing Tankan Wataribune and Omachi Sake rice varieties in Shiga.  Additionally, the brand makes 100% Junmai, pure rice brews made exclusively in the Kimoto brewing method, relying on naturally occurring lactic acid.  


「四季の笑い」と名付けられた笑四季は自然をテーマに、鈴鹿山脈からの軟水を使った醸造や滋賀の酒米「淡海渡船」と「雄町」の復活栽培など、地域環境への取り組みも一貫して行っています。 また、自然界の乳酸を利用した生酛流の100%純米酒を製造しています。