Kawakei Shouten

合名会社川敬商店 (黄金澤)

Annual Production
380 Koku (68,400L)

Kawakei Brewery, established in 1902 by a member of the Wakuya branch of the Date Clan which once ruled Miyagi, sits in a region historically known for its gold production.  The Koganesawa brand, one of two brands produced by Kawakei Shouten, has been a consistent winner of awards for their Daiginjo.

川敬商店は、宮城県を支配した伊達藩の涌谷家が1902年に創業した酒蔵で、歴史的に金の産地として知られる地域にあります。川敬商店を代表する日本酒「黄金澤 大吟醸」は常に賞を受賞しています。