Isekado has a rich and varied history, born in the famous coastal region of Ise in Mie Prefecture, a region known for its abundant Shinto shrines. Originally a maker of Japanese sweets like Kinako Mochi, feeding travelers on pilgrimage to the great shrines of Ise, the business, which has remained a family legacy, dates back to 1575.  

From 1923 the company stepped into the fermentation business, making traditional ingredients like soy sauce and miso paste.  However, in 1997 a young Narihiro Suzuki, 21st generation to inherit the company, dared to start a craft beer brewing business following a beer boom in Japan at the time.  The adaptation to beer brewing was at first rocky and took several years to really pick up speed but by the early 2000, Isekado brewery started to make a name for itself and has made big strides nationally and internationally since.