• Grace Wine Koshu Misawa 2021 (750ml)
  • Grace Wine Koshu Misawa 2021 (750ml)
  • Grace Wine Koshu Misawa 2021 (750ml)
  • Grace Wine Koshu Misawa 2021 (750ml)

Grace Wine Koshu Misawa 2021 (750ml) グレイス 三澤甲州

* No chemical fertilisers & pesticides
* Minimal intervention: Spontaneous fermentation - no yeast addition

The newly released Misawa Koshu 2021 is a wine that has undergone further changes that set it apart from its predecessors. One of the new features is that during vinification, there was greater malolactic fermentation which is rare for Koshu. This resulted in a mellower acidity and buttery flavours, resulting in a richer wine with creamy mouthfeel and complexity.

「三澤甲州2021」は、これまでの甲州とは一線を画す、更なる進化を遂げた新生ワインです。品種のポテンシャルを信じて生まれた「キュヴェ三澤 明野甲州」が、さらなる研究を重ね、産地特性を表現したワイン。三澤農場にて、収量を30hl/ha以下に抑えて育てた甲州を、パーセルごと、時に、樹ごとにまで分けて収穫し、畑の土着酵母を使って仕込んでいます。甲州では珍しいマロラクティック発酵が自然に生まれ、よりまろやかな酸味とバターのような風味、そしてクリーミーな口当たりと複雑味を持つリッチなワインに仕上がっています。

grape varietal
on the palate
soft and complex
on the nose
yellow peach and cloves
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In 2014, "Cuvée Misawa Akeno Koshu 2013" marked Japan's wine world entry with a gold medal, but seven years later, it transformed into "Misawa Koshu" to spotlight its distinct terroir, characterized by smaller, sweeter grapes and heightened malic acid levels, showcasing a unique regional expression with aging potential, while Grace winery secured a license to employ indigenous vineyard yeast in 2021.

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Production area
akeno, yamanashi prefecture
white (dry)
strictly by allocation

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japanese - european fusion
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white wine glasses