Sukiyaki Pairing


Sipping sake with friends and family around a table top cooker, a communal hot pot, is something that really brings joy to our lives, something we have truly missed the past few years. 

For this purpose, there is a Japanese dish which provides the perfect opportunity to gather around a family table and that is Sukiyaki.

Sukiyaki is an essential Japanese family-style comfort food that can be easily prepared at home with minimal ingredients.

The key is to source some tasty thinly sliced beef, preferably some Wagyu or just well marbled Ribeye or Chuck do nicely.

In Japan there are two distinct methods of Sukiyaki preparation, Kansai (Osaka) Style and Kanto (Tokyo) Style.

The Kansai method involves first searing the meat with soy sauce, sugar and sake and enjoying that before adding the vegetables and tofu to the pan to simmer in the juices.