• Koshu Misawa 2020 (750ml)
  • Koshu Misawa 2020 (750ml)
  • Koshu Misawa 2020 (750ml)
  • Koshu Misawa 2020 (750ml)

Koshu Misawa 2020 (750ml)


* No chemical fertilisers & pesticides
* Minimal intervention: Spontaneous fermentation - no yeast addition

Tasting Notes: The newly released Misawa Koshu 2020 is a wine that has undergone further changes that set it apart from its predecessors. One of the new features is that during vinification, there was greater malolactic fermentation which is rare for Koshu. This resulted in a mellower acidity and buttery flavours, resulting in a richer wine with creamy mouthfeel and complexity.

alcohol アルコール度数 11.5%
grape varietal ぶどう品種 Koshu 甲州種
Vintage 2020

In 2014, "Cuvée Misawa Akeno Koshu 2013" won its first gold medal for Japanese wine at the world's largest wine competition, opening the door to the rest of the world. Seven years later, they have decided to relabel it the new "Misawa Koshu".
The reason behind rebranding of this expertly developed Koshu wine was to place more focus on the Terroir of the wine. Koshu grapes from the Misawa Farm are smaller in size, higher in sugar content, and have a different composition of organic acids compared to the standard Koshu. They also contain higher levels of malic acid. This has resulted in more malolactic fermentation which occurs naturally. In 2020, Grace winery also obtained a special license to begin making wine using indigenous yeast collected from the vineyard.
Misawa Koshu has evolved from a wine born from a belief in the potential of the Japanese Koshu grape variety to a wine that expresses the unique characteristics of the region.
The wine has a rich aroma and a soft, complex depth with the potential to age, making it distinctly different from the Koshu wines of the past.

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